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"Not Without You, Giant Girl"
A Kate&Cassie post Children Crusade fanmix.

1. Se le apagó la luz, Alejandro Sanz.
(Her light turned off, (s)he shivered,
her curtains were shut off
and (s)he heard how life went through
with the softest beat of a heart)

2. Empty Chairs and Empty Tables, Les Miserables Original London Cast.
(There's a grief that can't be spoken
as the pain goes on and on
empty chairs at empty tables
now my friends are dead and gone)

3. Goodbye, Natalie Imbruglia.
(I try to separate
resist the urge
but they tell me I'll be fine
that it will all get better)

4. Adagio for Strings, Samuel Barber

5. Goodbye to You, Michelle Branch.
(Words that I'm hearing
are starting to get old
feels like I'm starting all over again)

6. Sound the Bugle, Bryan Adams.
(Then from on high, somewhere in the distance
there's a voice that calls
remember who you are.
If you lose yourself
your courage soon will follow
so be strong tonight.)

7. Can't Go Back Now, The Weepies.
(You and me walk on, walk on, walk on
becase you can't go back now)

8. You'll Be In My Heart, Tarzan the Musical OST.
(From this day on, now and forever more
You'll be here in my heart


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