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Title: Something to Rely On.
Fandom: Young Justice: Invasion.
Warnings: Mentions of canon!character death. Spoilers for most of the series so far.
Contents: Best friends sharing coffee, gossip, and harebrained plans that might just end with everyone dead. Oh, also bagels.
Characters/couples: Dick Grayson, Artemis Crock (implied Dick->Artemis). Mentioned Wally West and Kaldur'ahm.
Summary: By the time Dick reached Artemis and Wally's place in Palo Alto, he had half convinced himself that it was the most terrible idea he could have had ever in his life, that he should be ashamed of himself and return to the zeta tubes and go back to the Mountain.
Rating: PG.

Something to Rely On. )
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Title: Mending.
Fandom: Young Justice Animated.
Warnings: Spoilers for Disordered.
Contents: Traumatized baby heroes, sleepovers, movies, cuddling. Lots and lots of cuddling.
Characters/couples: Artemis, Dick Grayson, Wally West, M'gann M'orzz, Kaldur'ahm, Conner Kent. Hints of everyone/everyone.
Summary: “What would someone normal do if they were sad? They'd spend time with their friends, watch dumb movies, be kids about it”
Rating: G.
Notes: Written because these kids needed all the hugs and they weren't getting them.

Mending )
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Title: Someday.
Fandom: Young Justice.
Warnings: Spoilers for Depths.
Contents: One sided crushes, some spoilers.
Characters/couples: Dick Grayson->Artemis Crock. (Mentioned Artemis/Wally.)
Summary: When he first takes the picture, Dick is sure he's going to erase it soon.
Rating: G.
Notes: I blame Hikaru.

Someday. )
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Title: Blood Ties.
Fandom: Young Justice Animated.
Contents: Impressionable young children, older brothers babysitting.
Characters/couples: Dick, the rest of the team. Tim Drake.
Summary: The team worries after Dick has to ask for leave for almost a month, only saying that it's family business.
Rating: G.
Notes: Originally prompted at [ profile] yj_anon_meme

Blood Ties. )
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Title: Priorities.
Fandom: Young Justice Animated/Young Avengers.
Contents: Strong willed archers, teenager boys being stupid.
Characters/couples: Young Avengers team, Young Justice team.
Summary: Things probably would've been more awkward if not for the Kicking Interdimensional Evil Robot Bent on Multiversal Conquering Ass.
Rating: PG.
Notes: Originally prompted at [ profile] yj_anon_meme.

Priorities )
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Title: Fused Without the Con.
Fandom: Young Justice Animated.
Contents: Unexpected friendships, non-metahumans bonding.
Characters/couples: Artemis, Robin. Mentions of their teammates.
Summary: Being that Robin is from Gotham, Batman's protégé, she had expected that he would be the one who'd take the longest to convince.
Rating: G.
Notes: Originally prompted at [ profile] yj_anon_meme.

Fused Without the Con. )
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Title: Fates Have Spoken.
Fandom: Young Justice Animated/The Sandman.
Contents: Spoilers for The Sandman, hallucinations, possibly triggering mentions of nightmares and depression.
Characters/couples: The Endless, Young Justice team.
Summary: This was written in Destiny's book, the insanity, sorrow, want, destruction and dreams of six young heroes.
Rating: PG/PG13Notes: Originally prompted at [ profile] yj_anon_meme.: Morpheus or one of his sibling come in contact with young justice.

Fates Have Spoken. )
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Title: Rest for the Unwicked.
Fandom: Young Justice Animated.
Contents: Cuddlepiles and sleepy teen heroes.
Characters/couples: The whole team.
Summary: The team had long gone past any lasting energy reserves they had.
Rating: PG.
Notes: Originally written for [ profile] yj_anon_meme

Rest for the Unwicked )
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Title: Holding Hands.
Fandom: Young Justice Animated.
Contents: Homesickness, friendship, hand holding.
Characters/couples: Kaldur, M'gann. (Sort of Kaldur/M'gann? You decide.)
Summary: M'gann doesn't get the way humans refuse to touch.
Rating: G.
Notes: Originally prompted at [ profile] yj_anon_meme

Holding Hands. )
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Title: The Mystical Properties of Home Made Apple Pie.
Fandom: Young Justice Animated.
Contents: The inherent scary powers all mothers have – and thus, grandmothers – apple pie, grandmother love.
Characters/couples: Martha Kent, Superboy, Batman, the rest of the team.
Summary: After Martha Kent learns she has a grandson, well, she's not going to just stay sitting down, no sir.
Rating: G.
Notes: Originally prompted at [ profile] yj_anon_meme.

The Mystical Properties of Home Made Apple Pie. )
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Title: Small Blessings.
Fandom: Young Justice:Animated.
Contents: Spoilers for the first whole ep (WHAT), spoilers about Aqualad's civilian name, possibly some OOC (WHAT).
Characters/couples: Aqualad, Superboy, Aquaman. Sort of implied future Aqualad/Superboy.
Summary: Aqulad has always found it a bit strange, disbanding after a mission.
Rating: G.
Notes: SHAME IS FOR THE UNWORTHY and the ones not so easily dazzled.

Small Blessings. )

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