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Title: Maybe You Need It.
Fandom: Hawkeye.
Warnings|Contents: Sex, Age differences, Pregnancy. Meant to be future fic (About five years from the last issue of Hawkeye, more or less).
Characters/couples: Kate Bishop/Clint Barton.
Summary: Clint knows what's coming, has been there a number of times:The best thing about Kate: once she makes up her mind she hits the target straight on.
Rating: M|NC17
Notes: Zarabithia mentioned babyfic with Kate and Clint. My brain went 'but can you imagine Clint's panic attack?' and then it decided that imagining it wasn't enough.

Maybe You Need It. )
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Title: Ice Cream Fixes Everything.
Fandom: Marvelverse.
Warnings: Severe age differences. Mentor/sidekick relationship.
Contents: Spoilers for Children's Crusade.
Characters/couples: Kate Bishop/Clint Barton.
Summary: The thing for Clint here is: things don't change too much with a partner. Or maybe, with the right kind of partner things just change for the better.
Rating: PG.
Notes: Look I couldn't wait until August so, how I see Kate and Clint's future partnership. And my ship googles are screwed on tight.

Ice Cream Fixes Everything. )
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Title: Someday.
Fandom: Young Justice.
Warnings: Spoilers for Depths.
Contents: One sided crushes, some spoilers.
Characters/couples: Dick Grayson->Artemis Crock. (Mentioned Artemis/Wally.)
Summary: When he first takes the picture, Dick is sure he's going to erase it soon.
Rating: G.
Notes: I blame Hikaru.

Someday. )
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Title: Keep Breathing.
Fandom: The Hunger Games.
Warnings: Spoilers for the third book.
Contents: Broken characters trying to fix themselves up.
Characters/couples: Katniss/Peeta.
Summary: Touch can't be an easy, just-do-it-thing. Not with them.
Rating: PG13.
Notes: This was supposed to be porn, and then it decided it didn't want to be. Oh well.

Keep Breathing. )
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Title: Deal With It.
Fandom: Mulan.
Warnings: Disney Pseudo Slash.
Characters/couples: Shang/Fa Ping.
Summary: Shang isn't stupid. He is perfectly aware that he is attracted to Fa Ping.
Rating: PG.

Deal With It. )
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Title: After the Happily Ever After.
Fandom: Cinderella/Snow White; Fairytales.
Warnings: WTFery. Femmeslash and slash implied.
Characters/couples: Cinderella/Snow White, Prince Charming/Blue Prince.
Summary: What no one said of the 'Happily Ever After' was that it only lasted for a couple of months before the 'Ever' started to get yellowy around the edges.
Rating: PG.
Notes: OHMYGODMYCHILDHOOD. This is what happens after watching Cinderella 2: DON'T DO IT. It's a bad trip. Written mostly because the damn bunny didn't let me write anything else.

After the Happily Ever After. )
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Title: Break a Silver Lining
Fandom: Bleach.
Warnings: Bittersweet happy ending?
Characters/couples: Orihime; Ichigo/Orihime, implied Ichigo/Rukia.
Summary: Orihime knows that, one day, Rukia will come back for Ichigo.
Rating: PG.
Notes: 1. I've not read Bleach for a while. I just got the bunny and it wouldn't let go until I wrote it.
2. I like Ichigo/Rukia. And Ichigo/Orihime. And Rukia/Orihime. And Rukia/Renji. And... really, Bleach= One True Orgy, yo. SO, please. Have that in mind if you decide to review.

Break a Silver Lining )
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Title: Track 2: No Me Ames (Don't Love Me.)
Fandom: LOST.
Warnings: Spoilers for season 1.
Characters/couples: Shannon, Shannon/Sayid, mentions of Boone.
Summary: Shannon wonders. About Sayid, about Boone; about life, about death... and hope.
Rating: PG.

Track 2: No Me Ames (Don't Love Me.) )
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Title: Slipping in Between You and Your Big Dreams.
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (Disney.)
Warnings: ... do spoilers for the end at this point count.
Contents: Waff, fluff, sap. Also, I like prince Adam. Deal.
Characters/couples: Belle/prine Adam.
Summary: So Adam is still a prince - sort of - and he has the title he was given when he was born but he's not the Prince.
Rating: G.

Slipping in Between You and Your Big Dreams. )
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Title: The Right Incentive.
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club.
Warnings: Nothing.
Contents: Not-So-Casual-Dating, manga canon.
Characters/couples: Kyouya/Kaoru.
Summary: Post-canon: Kaoru, and the art of excuses. Or rather, how to get Kyouya to stop working for a while.
Rating: PG-PG13ish.
Notes: I wanted to write Kyouya/Kaoru. [ profile] sha_chan wanted me to write Kyouya/Kaoru and she prompted me. Sort of happens in the same 'verse as this.

The Right Incentive. )
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Título: Dejando las cosas por escrito.
Fandom: Harry Potter/Dresden Files fusion.
Advertencias: Nadap.
Personajes/parejas: Harry Dresden, Susan Rodriguez. (Harry/Susan implicado, menciones de Karrin Murphy, William Borden y Kincaid)
Resumen: Ravenclaw!Harry no tiene nada contra la ambición mientras esa ambición no sea 'conquistar al mundo mágico'. Slytherin!Susan al parecer tiene otro tipo de conquistas en mente.
Rating: G.
Notas: Escrito para [ profile] mundo_caotico: "Claro que no. Todo lo que necesitamos está aquí, en este papel.". Y un regalo HIPER ATRASADO OMG de cumpleaños para [ profile] fujurpreux. ILU PERDÓN QUE ESTO FUERA YA CASI REGALO DE NAVIDAD.

Dejando las cosas por escrito. )
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Title: In Need of Experience.
Fandom: Everwood.
Contents: Boys kissing.
Characters/couples: Ephram/Kyle.
Summary: “Would you kiss me?” Kyle blurted out finally, eyes closed.
Rating: PG.

In Need of Experience. )
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Originally posted on my personal LJ on June 3rd, 2006.

Title: Like an Old Time Movie.
Fandom: Everwood.
Contents: Slash, spoilers for the last season, underage sex and drinking. Drunken sex.
Characters/couples: Ephram/Kyle.
Summary: Ephram goes to visit Kyle in New York. Kyle can't quite shake the feeling that it's like a movie.
Rating: PG13.

Like an Old Time Movie. )
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Reposting from my personal LJ, date July 19th, 2006.

Title: Once Upon a Dream.
Fandom: xxxHolic.
Warnings: Spoilers for Card Captor Sakura.
Characters/couples: Clow Reed/Yuuko Ichihara.
Summary: They also know they’re not fated to be together in the same sense people expect to be together.
Rating: R.
Notes: 20 facts about Clow Reed and Yuuko Ichihara.

Once Upon a Dream. )
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Title: Scatter Like Ice.
Fandom: Boys Next Door (BL Manga.)
Warnings: Spoilers for the 3 chapters.
Characters/couples: Adrian/Lawrence, mentions of Vicky, Wolfy and Dallas.
Summary: So Adrian says 'I love you', and looks at the way Lawrence's eyes widen and fill with tears.
Rating: R

Scatter Like Ice. )
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Title: Lips I am Missing.
Fandom: Glee.
Warnings: Spoilers for 2x06, Never Been Kissed.
Contents: Terrible cafeteria food, awkwardness, maybe platonic kisses.
Characters/couples: Kurt/Blaine
Summary: Missing scene for the ep. Kurt is still feeling down after the whole deal with Karofsky. Blaine tries to cheer him up.
Rating: G.
Notes: Obviously, I'm stuck with writing the missing scenes I'd have wanted to see in Glee.

Lips I am Missing. )
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Título: A la vida le gustan sus ironías.
Fandom: 500 Days of Summer.
Advertencias: Spoilers para el final de la película, Personaje original masculino.
Personajes/parejas: Tom/Personaje original
Resumen: La vida de Tom sigue siendo altamente irónica. Tanto así que necesita un trago o dos con su nuevo amigo, Winter.
Rating: R.
Notas: Escrito para el kink meme.

A la vida le gustan sus ironías. )
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Título: No se espera por los milagros.
Fandom: Camp Half Blood Series.
Advertencias: Escrito antes de que saliera The Lost Hero, así que sólo sigue el canon hasta The Last Olympian.
Personajes/parejas: Percy/Nico.
Resumen: Por el otro lado, hacía casi tres meses que no veía a Nico más allá de cinco o diez minutos. Y Percy seguía siendo joven y tenía el derecho de poder salir y ver a sus amigos.
Rating: PG13.

No se espera por los milagros. )
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So I'm going to be attempting to repost some of my fic to the community so I can have it in one place - more or less -. Since there's, well. Kind of a lot, I'll be posting it slowly, two or three a day tops. Sorry about the spam, folks!

Title: Amor Fati.
Fandom: Loveless/Kingdom Hearts 2
Warnings: Minor spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 2, and some vague nods to the later part of Loveless volume 6.
Characters/couples: Ritsuka/Soubi, Seimei. Mentions of some members of the OrgXIII
Summary: “Where is my heart?” Ritsuka asks, and he wonders about his memories, too, wonders where everything that used to be his left and why he stayed, and he wonders and wonders and wonders, and there’s only silence and unanswered worries.
Rating: PG13.
Notes: Reposted from my personal journal.

Amor Fati. )

1. Papilio Ulysses.
2. Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings—always darker, emptier, simpler. – Friedrich Nietzche.
3. The whole ‘Namine-paints-Soubi-paints-Namine’ was sort of inspired by this: “A man dreamt he was a butterfly flying happily among trees. It was such a vivid dream that when he awoke and found himself a man, he did not know for certain that he was not really a butterfly dreaming he was a man.” By Chuang-Tsu.
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Title: Bowing to the Roaring Storm.
Fandom: Merlin.
Warnings: Spoilers for season 2.
Contents: Theories, alternate lines from current canon.
Characters/couples: Morgana/Nimueh, Morgause. Implied Nimueh/Ygraine.
Summary: “You have been asleep for almost a whole month, your Highness,” the other woman says. She's beautiful, Morgana thinks: the way princesses in legends ought to be, with her glossy hair and impossible blue eyes.
Rating: PG13
Notes: For [ profile] yetanothermask, written for [ profile] help_chile.

Bowing to the Roaring Storm. )

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