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Originally posted at my personal journal, date: August 28th, 2006.

Title: No Place Like Home.
Fandom: Supernatural.
Warnings: Angst.
Characters/couples: John Winchester, kid!Dean, baby!Sam.
Summary: Dean keeps asking when they're going back home. John doesn't know what to answer.
Rating: PG.

No Place Like Home. )
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Originally posted at my personal journal. Date: September 28th, 2006

Title: A Hazy Shade.
Fandom: FMA/Edward Scissor Hands.
Warnings: Nothing, really.
Characters/couples: Ed, Al, Edward Scissor Hands.
Summary: Still searching for a State Alchemist that might help them, the Elric Brothers find a failed attempt at human transmutation.
Rating: PG.
Notes: Yesterday I told [profile] fujurpreux about this theory (aka My crack is pastede on yay) that ESH might have been a failed attempt at transmutation or alchemy. And today the bunny didn’t let me until I had written it.

A Hazy Shade. )
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Originally posted over my journal, date: January 1st 2006.

Title: Waiting For Sunrises.
Fandom: Advent Children.
Warnings: Um... none, really.
Characters/couples: Cloud, Denzel.
Summary: Just waiting for another sunrise to go on.
Rating: G.

Waiting For Sunrises. )
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Title: Waiting by the Phone.
Fandom: Hawkeye | Young Avengers.
Warnings|Contents: A thirty-something Avenger throwing a temper tantrum.
Characters/couples: Clint Barton, Kate Bishop. (Quick mention of Kate/Noh-Varr)
Summary: Or three times Clint got ditched when Kate was with her team and one time he didn't.
Rating: G.
Notes: Inspired by this post

Waiting by the Phone. )
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Title: Fathers Know Best.
Fandom: Young Justice: Invasion.
Warnings|Contents: Spoilers up to True Colors.
Characters/couples: Black Manta, Tigress, Kaldur'ahm.
Summary: Black Manta overhears Tigress when she's taking guard over Kaldur'ahm and makes his own conclussions.
Rating: G.
Notes: Sort of SeaArrow-ish. Kinda. I... have no idea what I just wrote, okay.

Fathers Know Best. )
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Title: Just One Beat Away.
Fandom: Young Avengers.
Warnings|Contents: Mentions of canon character death, mourning and grief.
Characters/couples: Scott Lang, Kate Bishop.
Summary: Scott missed almost two years of Cassie's life. There is only one person he can think who can, at least, tell him about them.
Rating: G.
Notes: I've been wanting to write this since Children's Crusade.

Just One Beat Away. )
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Title: Mending.
Fandom: Young Justice Animated.
Warnings: Spoilers for Disordered.
Contents: Traumatized baby heroes, sleepovers, movies, cuddling. Lots and lots of cuddling.
Characters/couples: Artemis, Dick Grayson, Wally West, M'gann M'orzz, Kaldur'ahm, Conner Kent. Hints of everyone/everyone.
Summary: “What would someone normal do if they were sad? They'd spend time with their friends, watch dumb movies, be kids about it”
Rating: G.
Notes: Written because these kids needed all the hugs and they weren't getting them.

Mending )
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Title: Track 9: 1000 Oceans.
Fandom: Cyborg 009.
Warnings: None.
Characters/couples: Francoise(003), Albert (004) (Hints of Albert/Francoise). Mentions of some of the other cyborgs.
Summary: "Do you think about your family, Francoise?"
Rating: G.

Track 9: 1000 Oceans. )
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Title: Slipping in Between You and Your Big Dreams.
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (Disney.)
Warnings: ... do spoilers for the end at this point count.
Contents: Waff, fluff, sap. Also, I like prince Adam. Deal.
Characters/couples: Belle/prine Adam.
Summary: So Adam is still a prince - sort of - and he has the title he was given when he was born but he's not the Prince.
Rating: G.

Slipping in Between You and Your Big Dreams. )
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Title: Cliched Begginings.
Fandom: Road to El Dorado/Tangled.
Warnings: Don't ask me about time periods, alright.
Contents: Unconventional adoptions, cliches.
Characters/couples: Miguel/Tulio, Flynn.
Summary: Flynn Rider's hot gay dads. Or how Miguel and Tulio adopted a baby.
Rating: G.
Notes: Blame these gifs.

Cliched Begginings. )
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Título: Dejando las cosas por escrito.
Fandom: Harry Potter/Dresden Files fusion.
Advertencias: Nadap.
Personajes/parejas: Harry Dresden, Susan Rodriguez. (Harry/Susan implicado, menciones de Karrin Murphy, William Borden y Kincaid)
Resumen: Ravenclaw!Harry no tiene nada contra la ambición mientras esa ambición no sea 'conquistar al mundo mágico'. Slytherin!Susan al parecer tiene otro tipo de conquistas en mente.
Rating: G.
Notas: Escrito para [ profile] mundo_caotico: "Claro que no. Todo lo que necesitamos está aquí, en este papel.". Y un regalo HIPER ATRASADO OMG de cumpleaños para [ profile] fujurpreux. ILU PERDÓN QUE ESTO FUERA YA CASI REGALO DE NAVIDAD.

Dejando las cosas por escrito. )
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Title: Blood Ties.
Fandom: Young Justice Animated.
Contents: Impressionable young children, older brothers babysitting.
Characters/couples: Dick, the rest of the team. Tim Drake.
Summary: The team worries after Dick has to ask for leave for almost a month, only saying that it's family business.
Rating: G.
Notes: Originally prompted at [ profile] yj_anon_meme

Blood Ties. )
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Title: Rest for the Unwicked.
Fandom: Young Justice Animated.
Contents: Cuddlepiles and sleepy teen heroes.
Characters/couples: The whole team.
Summary: The team had long gone past any lasting energy reserves they had.
Rating: PG.
Notes: Originally written for [ profile] yj_anon_meme

Rest for the Unwicked )
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Title: Holding Hands.
Fandom: Young Justice Animated.
Contents: Homesickness, friendship, hand holding.
Characters/couples: Kaldur, M'gann. (Sort of Kaldur/M'gann? You decide.)
Summary: M'gann doesn't get the way humans refuse to touch.
Rating: G.
Notes: Originally prompted at [ profile] yj_anon_meme

Holding Hands. )
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Title: The Mystical Properties of Home Made Apple Pie.
Fandom: Young Justice Animated.
Contents: The inherent scary powers all mothers have – and thus, grandmothers – apple pie, grandmother love.
Characters/couples: Martha Kent, Superboy, Batman, the rest of the team.
Summary: After Martha Kent learns she has a grandson, well, she's not going to just stay sitting down, no sir.
Rating: G.
Notes: Originally prompted at [ profile] yj_anon_meme.

The Mystical Properties of Home Made Apple Pie. )
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Originally posted on my LJ, January 3rd, 2007

Title: Wish To.
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts 2/xxxHOLiC
Warnings: Some spoilers for KH2.
Characters/couples: Xigbar, Demyx, Yuuko, Clow, Moro&Maro. (Implied II/IX and Yuuko/Clow.)
Summary: Upon learning about the existance of the Dimensional Witch who grants wishes, Xibgar and Demyx go for a visit.
Rating: PG.

Wish To )
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Originally posted on my personal LJ on February 5th 2007.

Title: Whole World Wrapped Inside.
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts 2.
Warnings: Spoilers up to Twilight Town.
Characters/couples: Roxas, Olette. Mentions of Hayner and Pence.
Summary: Olette was the first one to speak to Roxas.
Rating: G.
Notes: Internet gone because of the rain, too much time and Tales of Symphonia being a SOB to play make [ profile] allira_dream write aching fluff.

Whole World Wrapped Inside. )
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Reposting from my original LJ, originally posted on June 26th, 2006

Title: (Angels and Demons)x2
Fandom: Good Omens/Wish.
Warnings: Crossover. Shounen ai/Slash implied.
Characters/couples: Crowley/Aziraphael, implied Kouryuu/Kohaku.
Summary: Both Crowley and Aziraphale find themselves taking care of another very unique pair of angel and demon.
Rating: PG.

(Angels and Demons)x2 )
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Reposted from my personal LJ. Originally published on March 7th, 2007.

Title: All the Little Things That Make Up a Memory.
Fandom: xxxholIc/Card Captor Sakura.
Warnings: None.
Characters/couples: Watanuki, Yuuko. Implied Yuuko/Clow.
Summary: Why Yuuko asked for two cups of tea that day? Watanuki didn't know.
Rating: PG.

All the Little Things That Make Up a Memory. )
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Título: La nueva estudiante.
Fandom: DC/Marvel con el setting de Sky High y, esta parte, también con Doctor Who.
Advertencias: AU para todo.
Personajes/parejas: Tim Drake, Hank McCoy, Conner Kent, Jenny.
Resumen: Por regla general en la Escuela de Héroes no se aceptaban estudiantes a medio año.
Rating: g.
Notas: So. Quizá no muy secretamente, me gustan los High School AU. Estaba pensando en tratar de hacer uno para los superhéroes pero, siendo honesta, quitarles los poderes a los jóvenes héroes es como que quitarle la mitad de la diversión a esto.

Y entonces volví a ver Sky High. Y todo tuvo sentido en mi mente. Y meter a Jenny (Doctor Who) es porque es mi consentida y tengo bias para siempre. Y QUÉ. LA VERGÜENZA ES PARA LOS DÉBILES.

La nueva estudiante. )

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