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Originally posted at my personal journal, date: August 28th, 2006.

Title: No Place Like Home.
Fandom: Supernatural.
Warnings: Angst.
Characters/couples: John Winchester, kid!Dean, baby!Sam.
Summary: Dean keeps asking when they're going back home. John doesn't know what to answer.
Rating: PG.

No Place Like Home. )
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Originally posted at my personal journal. Date: September 28th, 2006

Title: A Hazy Shade.
Fandom: FMA/Edward Scissor Hands.
Warnings: Nothing, really.
Characters/couples: Ed, Al, Edward Scissor Hands.
Summary: Still searching for a State Alchemist that might help them, the Elric Brothers find a failed attempt at human transmutation.
Rating: PG.
Notes: Yesterday I told [profile] fujurpreux about this theory (aka My crack is pastede on yay) that ESH might have been a failed attempt at transmutation or alchemy. And today the bunny didn’t let me until I had written it.

A Hazy Shade. )
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Title: Not Fairy Love.
Fandom: My Own Private Idaho.
Warnings: Internalized homophobia, denial.
Characters/couples: Scott/Mike.
Summary: Scott does love Mike. But it's not fairy love.
Rating: PG 13.
Notes: I really like how this one came out when [profile] thejennabides requested 'Why does Scott love Mike', so I expanded it a bit and here it is.

Not Fairy Love. )
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Originally posted over my journal, date: January 1st 2006.

Title: Waiting For Sunrises.
Fandom: Advent Children.
Warnings: Um... none, really.
Characters/couples: Cloud, Denzel.
Summary: Just waiting for another sunrise to go on.
Rating: G.

Waiting For Sunrises. )
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    I've hardly been outside my room in days,
    'cause I don't feel that I deserve the sunshine's rays.

Loveless. Soubi, Kio. After Seimei. )

    The darkness helped until the whiskey wore away,
    And it was then I realize the conscience never fades.

Supernatural. Dean, Sam. )

    When you're young you have this image of your life:
    That you'll be scrupulous and one day even make a wife.

Angel the Series. Wesley, Fred. )

    And you make boundaries you'd never dream to cross,
    And if you happen to you wake completely lost.

Weiss Kreuz. Mamoru. )

    And we will only need each other, we'll bleed together,
    Our hands will not be taught to hold another's,
    When we're the special two.

Kyou Kara Maou. Adalbert/Julia. )
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Title: Waiting by the Phone.
Fandom: Hawkeye | Young Avengers.
Warnings|Contents: A thirty-something Avenger throwing a temper tantrum.
Characters/couples: Clint Barton, Kate Bishop. (Quick mention of Kate/Noh-Varr)
Summary: Or three times Clint got ditched when Kate was with her team and one time he didn't.
Rating: G.
Notes: Inspired by this post

Waiting by the Phone. )
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Title: Fathers Know Best.
Fandom: Young Justice: Invasion.
Warnings|Contents: Spoilers up to True Colors.
Characters/couples: Black Manta, Tigress, Kaldur'ahm.
Summary: Black Manta overhears Tigress when she's taking guard over Kaldur'ahm and makes his own conclussions.
Rating: G.
Notes: Sort of SeaArrow-ish. Kinda. I... have no idea what I just wrote, okay.

Fathers Know Best. )
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Title: Just One Beat Away.
Fandom: Young Avengers.
Warnings|Contents: Mentions of canon character death, mourning and grief.
Characters/couples: Scott Lang, Kate Bishop.
Summary: Scott missed almost two years of Cassie's life. There is only one person he can think who can, at least, tell him about them.
Rating: G.
Notes: I've been wanting to write this since Children's Crusade.

Just One Beat Away. )
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Title: Maybe You Need It.
Fandom: Hawkeye.
Warnings|Contents: Sex, Age differences, Pregnancy. Meant to be future fic (About five years from the last issue of Hawkeye, more or less).
Characters/couples: Kate Bishop/Clint Barton.
Summary: Clint knows what's coming, has been there a number of times:The best thing about Kate: once she makes up her mind she hits the target straight on.
Rating: M|NC17
Notes: Zarabithia mentioned babyfic with Kate and Clint. My brain went 'but can you imagine Clint's panic attack?' and then it decided that imagining it wasn't enough.

Maybe You Need It. )
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Title: Plenty of Time.
Fandom: Hawkeye.
Warnings|Contents: Sex, Age differences.
Characters/couples: Kate Bishop/Clint Barton.
Summary: Sex in a buggy is already a bad idea when you are sixteen, but Clint kind of likes his bad ideas.
Rating: M|NC17
Notes: The more hate this ship gets, the more it makes me want to write and do stuff about it.

Plenty of Time. )
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Title: Something to Rely On.
Fandom: Young Justice: Invasion.
Warnings: Mentions of canon!character death. Spoilers for most of the series so far.
Contents: Best friends sharing coffee, gossip, and harebrained plans that might just end with everyone dead. Oh, also bagels.
Characters/couples: Dick Grayson, Artemis Crock (implied Dick->Artemis). Mentioned Wally West and Kaldur'ahm.
Summary: By the time Dick reached Artemis and Wally's place in Palo Alto, he had half convinced himself that it was the most terrible idea he could have had ever in his life, that he should be ashamed of himself and return to the zeta tubes and go back to the Mountain.
Rating: PG.

Something to Rely On. )
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Title: Mending.
Fandom: Young Justice Animated.
Warnings: Spoilers for Disordered.
Contents: Traumatized baby heroes, sleepovers, movies, cuddling. Lots and lots of cuddling.
Characters/couples: Artemis, Dick Grayson, Wally West, M'gann M'orzz, Kaldur'ahm, Conner Kent. Hints of everyone/everyone.
Summary: “What would someone normal do if they were sad? They'd spend time with their friends, watch dumb movies, be kids about it”
Rating: G.
Notes: Written because these kids needed all the hugs and they weren't getting them.

Mending )
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Title: Ice Cream Fixes Everything.
Fandom: Marvelverse.
Warnings: Severe age differences. Mentor/sidekick relationship.
Contents: Spoilers for Children's Crusade.
Characters/couples: Kate Bishop/Clint Barton.
Summary: The thing for Clint here is: things don't change too much with a partner. Or maybe, with the right kind of partner things just change for the better.
Rating: PG.
Notes: Look I couldn't wait until August so, how I see Kate and Clint's future partnership. And my ship googles are screwed on tight.

Ice Cream Fixes Everything. )
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Title: Someday.
Fandom: Young Justice.
Warnings: Spoilers for Depths.
Contents: One sided crushes, some spoilers.
Characters/couples: Dick Grayson->Artemis Crock. (Mentioned Artemis/Wally.)
Summary: When he first takes the picture, Dick is sure he's going to erase it soon.
Rating: G.
Notes: I blame Hikaru.

Someday. )
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Title: In the Next, It Might Just Change.
Warnings: Blood.
Contents: Spoilers for Drug&Drop.
Summary: Five times Rikuou realized that Kazahaya was becoming someone important to him.
Rating: PG13.

In the Next, It Might Just Change. )
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Title: Keep Breathing.
Fandom: The Hunger Games.
Warnings: Spoilers for the third book.
Contents: Broken characters trying to fix themselves up.
Characters/couples: Katniss/Peeta.
Summary: Touch can't be an easy, just-do-it-thing. Not with them.
Rating: PG13.
Notes: This was supposed to be porn, and then it decided it didn't want to be. Oh well.

Keep Breathing. )
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Title: Indulging in the Lack of Control.
Fandom: Dragon Ball, before DBZ starts.
Warnings: Handjobs, frottage, PWP.
Characters/couples: Tenshinhan/Yamcha.
Summary: He was used to controlling all his sexual impulses, had fought for control all through his adolescency, only to feel it crumbling as Yamcha moved against him, their erections rubbing together, and that doesn't change through the years.
Rating: R/NC 17.
Notes: OKAY. I get it! Now, let's get on with it and finish killing my childhood, bloody stupid plot bunny of hell. (Yay, insomnia and stupid bunnies that demand to be written, and yes, writing this is more twitch-worthy for me than Disney!slash, thanks.) In other news, this is my - very reluctant, please to NOT get used at writing for this fandom 'cause I plan on staying away - 49th fandom.

Indulging in the Lack of Control. )
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Title: Deal With It.
Fandom: Mulan.
Warnings: Disney Pseudo Slash.
Characters/couples: Shang/Fa Ping.
Summary: Shang isn't stupid. He is perfectly aware that he is attracted to Fa Ping.
Rating: PG.

Deal With It. )
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Title: Track 9: 1000 Oceans.
Fandom: Cyborg 009.
Warnings: None.
Characters/couples: Francoise(003), Albert (004) (Hints of Albert/Francoise). Mentions of some of the other cyborgs.
Summary: "Do you think about your family, Francoise?"
Rating: G.

Track 9: 1000 Oceans. )

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