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Originally posted at my personal journal. Date: September 28th, 2006

Title: A Hazy Shade.
Fandom: FMA/Edward Scissor Hands.
Warnings: Nothing, really.
Characters/couples: Ed, Al, Edward Scissor Hands.
Summary: Still searching for a State Alchemist that might help them, the Elric Brothers find a failed attempt at human transmutation.
Rating: PG.
Notes: Yesterday I told [profile] fujurpreux about this theory (aka My crack is pastede on yay) that ESH might have been a failed attempt at transmutation or alchemy. And today the bunny didn’t let me until I had written it.

A Hazy Shade. )
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Title: Cliched Begginings.
Fandom: Road to El Dorado/Tangled.
Warnings: Don't ask me about time periods, alright.
Contents: Unconventional adoptions, cliches.
Characters/couples: Miguel/Tulio, Flynn.
Summary: Flynn Rider's hot gay dads. Or how Miguel and Tulio adopted a baby.
Rating: G.
Notes: Blame these gifs.

Cliched Begginings. )
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Título: Thunder Claps, Lightning Strikes.
Fandom: Get Backers/Camp Half Blood
Advertencias: Spoilers para la historia de Ban y Ginji y como se conocieron, pero nada más.
Personajes/parejas: Ban, Ginji.
Resumen: Ban había escuchado sobre la monstruosa Fortaleza Ilimitada, así que había esperado, ya sabes, monstruos. No encontrarse a uno de los hijos de Zeus.
Rating: G.
Notas: Escrito para [ profile] mundo_caotico: "Nunca podrás salir igual que entraste." Francis Spufford, El niño hecho por libros.

Thunder Claps, Lightning Strikes. )
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Originally posted on my personal LJ on February 5th 2007.

Title: Whole World Wrapped Inside.
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts 2.
Warnings: Spoilers up to Twilight Town.
Characters/couples: Roxas, Olette. Mentions of Hayner and Pence.
Summary: Olette was the first one to speak to Roxas.
Rating: G.
Notes: Internet gone because of the rain, too much time and Tales of Symphonia being a SOB to play make [ profile] allira_dream write aching fluff.

Whole World Wrapped Inside. )
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Originally posted on my personal LJ, July 19th 2006.

Title: A Reason to Be.
Fandom: The Sword in the Stone. (Disney)
Warnings: Subtexty hints of Wart/Lancelot?
Characters/couples: Wart, Merlin, Archimedes.
Summary: “I still know nothing of being a king. I need to be smarter! Stronger! And knights! I need knights! Where can I get knights?!”
Rating: PG.
Notes: Hi, I’m [ profile] allira_dream. I’ll be tainting your childhood memories this evening, I hope you’ve a terrific time.

A Reason to Be. )
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Reposted from my personal LJ, originally published on February 23th, 2007.

Title: Trace on a Data Back-road.
Fandom: Death Note/Boys Next Door.
Warnings: Spoilers for both Death Note and BND.
Characters/couples: Mello, Dallas, Lawrence.
Summary: Mello knows that if he wants his plan to succeed, if he wants to beat Near, he needs to have support.
Rating: PG
Notes: [ profile] daniela_lynx encouraged me to do this XD.

Trace on a Data Back-road. )
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Reposting from my personal LJ, originally published October 17, 2006.

Title: Better Than Drinking Alone.
Fandom: xxxHOLiC/Card Captor Sakura.
Warnings: Spoilers for the first CCS movie.
Characters/couples: Clow, Yuuko, mentions of Madoushi.
Summary: Clow always favors the piano when he's sad.
Rating: PG.

Better Than Drinking Alone. )
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Título: Lo prometido es deuda.
Fandom: Doctor Who/Torchwood.
Advertencias: Nada.
Personajes/parejas: Eleven, Amy/Rory; Jack/Jenny.
Resumen: Estaban en medio de salvar a otra civilización cuándo, de repente, la hija perdida del Doctor los interrumpe porque ella y su esposo - hola, infarto cardiaco al Doctor - estaban haciendo exactamente lo mismo.
Rating: G.
Notas: Escrito para [ profile] mundo_caotico: "Es posible que todo eso sea verdad. Pero lo prometido es deuda, y las promesas hay que cumplirlas." L. Frank Baum, El Mago de Oz.

Lo prometido es deuda. )
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Título: Todos tienen un punto débil o dos.
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.
Advertencias: Nada.
Personajes/parejas: Haruhi, Kyouya, Hikaru, Kaoru, Tamaki; Sakura y Syaoran.
Resumen: Francamente, Haruhi dejó de prestar atención al balbuceo incoherente de Tamaki al escuchar el 'niisan' de la chica mientras abrazaba a Kyouya.
Rating: G.

Todos tienen un punto débil o dos. )
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Title: Small Blessings.
Fandom: Young Justice:Animated.
Contents: Spoilers for the first whole ep (WHAT), spoilers about Aqualad's civilian name, possibly some OOC (WHAT).
Characters/couples: Aqualad, Superboy, Aquaman. Sort of implied future Aqualad/Superboy.
Summary: Aqulad has always found it a bit strange, disbanding after a mission.
Rating: G.
Notes: SHAME IS FOR THE UNWORTHY and the ones not so easily dazzled.

Small Blessings. )
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Título: De prosperidad y muerte.
Fandom: Pushing Daisies/Percy Jackson
Advertencias: Nada.
Personajes/parejas: Ned/Chuck, Lilian y Vivian.
Resumen: La vida del pequeño Ned era completa y absolutamente normal hasta que no lo fue más. Y pensándolo un poco, nunca fue del todo normal realmente.
Rating: PG.
Notas: Escrito para [ profile] mundo_caotico.

De prosperidad y muerte. )
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Title: First Year.
Fandom: Young Avengers.
Warnings: Nothing.
Contents: Harry Potter AU, tiny kids, Tommy's run on sentences.
Characters/couples: Tommy, Billy, Kate, Nate, Cassie, Teddy, Eli.
Summary: Seven children going to Hogwarts for the first time, and how they become friends.
Rating: G.
Notes: This is completely shameless and self-indulgent and I regret nothing.

First Year. )
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Title: Night Rainbows.
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Warnings: Character death of the canon type.
Contents: Angst, children mourning, siblings fighting, pre-canon and canon backstory.
Characters/couples: Sokka, Katara.
Summary: For now, Sokka thinks, the biggest help would be making Katara smile again
Rating: G.

Night Rainbows )
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Title: Pretendy Fun Times
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou.
Warnings: Nothing.
Contents: Fusion fic with Ouran High School Host Club. Crack. Not official names.
Characters/couples: Christell and Earnhart Wincott, Ruffas Bielefelt, Siegbert Voltaire, Lawrence Weller, Daikenja (Meinrad) and Shinou (Fritz).
Summary: Christell wonders about sworn promises. Meanwhile, Earnhart really enjoys trolling his little brother.
Rating: G.
Notes: Because the Hotcestors fit entirely too well with the Host Club.

Pretendy Fun Times )
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Title: Five Minutes Times a Hundred.
Fandom: Doctor Who.
Warnings: Nothing.
Contents: Spoilers for the eleventh serial of Doctor Who.
Characters/couples: The Doctor, tiny!Amelia.
Summary: The Doctor goes back for Amelia the night he promised he would.
Rating: G.
Notes: Written for [ profile] au_bingo: Alternate History: Canon event changed

Five Minutes Times a Hundred. )
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Title: Clothes Don't Make the Superhero (but they do help)
Fandom: Young Avengers/The Incredibles
Warnings: Nothing at all.
Characters/couples: Kate, Edna Mode.
Summary: After Captain America forbid them to wear their old uniforms again, it was obvious they were going to need new ones. Good thing that Kate knows just the person to go to.
Rating: G.
Notes: Since I was rereading YA, I came upon the panel with Kate saying she knew someone on the fashion industry, and a while later, as a friend and I were watching The Incredibles, she jokingly wondered if now that Disney owned Marvel, would it mean that The Incredibles would join the rest of the Marvel superheroes. Which meant that suddenly I knew who made their uniforms.

Clothes Don't Make the Superhero (but they do help)  )
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Title: Eat Their Young.
Fandom: Alice.
Warnings: Nothing.
Characters/couples: Queen of Hearts, King of Hearts.
Summary: The Queen looks at the tiny little thing that came out of her. It had felt different, inside of her. Bigger. Powerful. And yet, looking at the silly little thing now...
Rating: G/PG.

Eat Their Young. )
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Title: Together We're Unlimited
Fandom: Glee.
Warnings: Spoilers for “Wheels” (1x09)
Characters/couples: Rachel, Kurt, and a tiny cameo by Mercedes.
Summary: Kurt thinks that he should be already used to never getting what he wants.
Rating: G.
Notes: So, as much as I loved this episode - which I did - there was a scene that I was hoping to see within the show and... it didn't happen, which made me sad, because it was so very awesome in my head. So I decided to write it, even though that way is somewhat a little less awesome. Let's call it a Could Have Been Missing scene, shall we?

Together We're Unlimited  )
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Title: Those That Resonate Our Beginnings.
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)/Axis Power Hetalia.
Warnings: None, really.
Characters/couples: Arthur, England-as-Albion, Merlin.
Summary: Three times - so far - that Arthur has seen England in his life.
Rating: PG.
Notes: I have been resisting writing this for, oh. About a six months or so, at least?

Those That Resonate Our Beginnings. )

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